Somewhere between the mountainous landscapes of Pennsylvania and the forest combed valleys of New Jersey, Duskmourn was formed in 2012. Comprised of Walter Deyo (Guitars, Bass, and vocals) and Bill Sharpe (Guitars, Drums, Keyboards), Duskmourn’s vision has always been to create music that will transcend it’s listeners to another world…a simpler world…of ancient tales & nature bound journeys.

It all started in early 2012, with a couple of awesome demo songs, pizza, and a lot of beer. After the demo songs were refined & rehearsed, Duskmourn entered the studio to record their first self titled EP. With help fromformer members David Heer and Jeni Sharpe the demo was finished and completed by mid 2012.

Writing on 2014′s Legends commenced immediately after finishing the Duskmourn EP. With a vision to create a larger, more vast atmosphere, Duskmourn turned to it’s folk/natural roots to tell their story. Duskmourn released it’s first full length album “Legends” in late 2014.

It is now 2017 and Duskmourn’s sophomore album “Of Shadow and Flame” is upon us. This album is an epic folk / melodic death metal album with black metal influences. For fans of soaring guitar melodies, melodic death metal rasps, vast keyboards, and epic drums. Released June 16th, 2017.



Bill Sharpe

Guitars, Drums, Keyboards, Clean Vocals

Favorite Things:
Forest dwelling
Hoppy Beer
Gnome pulverizing
Power metal screams


Walter Deyo

Guitars, Bass, Vocals

Favorite Things:
Ori the Dwarf
Not recording drums
Unfiltered Beer