Legends Review by www.folk-metal.nl

Jeff from folk-metal.nl did an awesome review of the new album.

From the dark reaches of Pennsylvania and New Jersey USA emerge the mighty Duskmourn with their debut album. Previously, they had released a terrific 3 song self-titled EP in 2012 which reminded me of a mix of a few different North American bands: Amiensus, Appalachian Winter, Panopticon and maybe even some Woods of Ypres…..
I would maybe almost categorize their sound as melodic death. Originally existing as a 4 piece on the EP, Duskmourn is comprised now of only 2 members….Walter Deyo (Guitar, Bass, Vocals) and Bill Sharpe (Guitar, Drums, Keys). This has served to hone the sharpened edge of the Duskmourn sound and become a more refined entity with songs that are now as glorious as they are grim. Upon that original foundation of the previously mentioned bands I now would add Summoning, Emyn Muil, Saor/Askival (!!!) and Urkraft-era Thyrfing as potential musical brethren.

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